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Acaricides are compounds specifically developed to control mites. They may be:
✅Contact compounds where mites are controlled when they come into direct with the compound, or
✅Systemic compounds i.e the compound is absorbed by the plant and the mites are controlled when they feed on the plant. Acaricides may have a combination of these two modes of action.


Bactericides are compounds of which some have antibiotic properties, which were specifically developed to control bacteria. These are usually applied in a specific manner e.g as an injection via a hole in the trunk of a tree. The use of bactericides in plant disease control is very limited.


Growth regulators are compounds specifically developed for their ability to regulate the growth of plants. Growth and or ripening may be enhanced or retarded e.g the use of ripeners in sugarcane and pineapples and the use of growth regulators in lawns to retard growth. Growth regulators may also be used to produce less but larger fruits.


Adjuvants are compounds which are used to enhance the performance of agricultural remedies. They may be added to alleviate an inherent deficiency in the product or to improve its general performance. Various adjuvants are on the market i.e:
Wetters (spreaders), which reduce the surface tension of water droplets ensuring uniform distribution of the remedy on the plant surface.
Stickers, which are added to improve the adhesion of remedies on the plant surface.
Buffers, which are added to increase or reduce the pH of a spray mixture in order to stabilize the pH-sensitive products at a specific pH – range.
Penetrators, which enhances the absorption of a compound through the foliage.
Drift control agents, which reduce spray drift especially during aerial spraying operations.

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