Product Overview

Agricultural Chemicals

Agricura has formulation and repacking plants for both crop chemicals and veterinary products located at the company’s head office in Harare. The company provides two primary product groups, crop chemicals and veterinary products. These product lines are made up of the following: –

Crop Chemicals

Agro-chemicals formulated and distributed by Agricura include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, rodenticides, nematicides and adjuvants. The company holds registrations for the bulk of chemicals classified above to cater for all farming requirements

Veterinary Products

Agricura formulates and distributes two types of dips Sentinel 15% and Disnis to cater for external parasites in cattle and dogs and these can be used as sprays or in plunge dips. We also formulate Sentinel 1% that is used as a pour on dip.

Agricura produces five types of doses to cater for internal remedies in cattle and sheep and these are Albex 10%, Rafazole, Ridafluke, Chanaverm and Zerofen.

All the above products come in different packaging to cater for all categories of farmers including a comprehensive range of chemicals for use in homes and gardens.

Products are only released to the market once they pass stringent tests conducted within the in-house laboratory facility located at Head Office. The company also laboratory services to the wider agrochemical industry in Zimbabwe for quality assurance purposes.


Pest Control

Equipped with internationally researched technology and well trained staff with years of experience, Agricura Pest Control Services guarantees a pest free environment at an affordable cost. The service is prompt, uncompromised and environmentally friendly. Agricura Pest Control Services caters for pest control requirements in agriculture, households and in business premises.

Services offered include-

  • Cockroach control
  • Rodent control/Rats
  • Greenhouse soil fumigation
  • Grain protection/Weevils/ moths
  • Control of mosquitoes
  • Control of other identified pests
  • Property protection from termite attack
  • Termite nest (Ant-hills) Treatment
  • Moles Eradications
  • Bees & Wasps treatment
  • ETC
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