Pre-emergent herbicide technical dose for the season, herbicide tank mixtures.

Agricura PVT Limited brings you a technical dose for the season pertaining weed management in Maize productivity:

This particular dose is going to address ONLY Pre-emergent herbicide options and combinations (tank mixtures), Post-emergent herbicides will be addressed in the next post.
Just a brief background:

Herbicides are compounds used to control weeds, which are normally defined as plants growing out of place.

Herbicides can be divided into different categories according to their selectivity and timing of application. In this post we shall only look at Pre-emergent herbicides, which are those herbicides that are applied at planting on or in the soil before germination of weed seeds takes place, controlling the weed during seed germination or just before or immediately after emergence of the seedling from the soil.

Take note that herbicides mainly address the three weed categories which are: Grasses, Broad leaved weeds and Sedges. However a single herbicide may not address all the weed categories alone, except for certain herbicides though they may also be limited somehow in a particular weed category!

Practically the usual scenario on the ground, In most cases for very effective control, it is highly recommended to combine herbicides addressing the two main categories of weeds which are very common in most localities though there are exceptional weeds such as shamva grass, couch grass/star grass and sedges.

In essence, you need a herbicide that addresses GRASSES & a herbicide that addresses BROAD LEAVED WEEDS!!. Most herbicides that control grasses will also have a considerable control on certain selected broad leaved weeds.


NB. The following is only a guideline, kindly refer to our Agricura PVT Limited Crop Production guidelines for Maize & get get in touch, Consult your Agricura Agronomist for more information and guidance and technicalities involved:

Apply any of the following herbicide combinations soon after planting, or within the first 2 – 3 days after planting, when the soil has a considerable amount of moisture in a weed free field, when there are already emerged weeds consider mixing your Pre-emergent herbicides with Glyphosate/Round up. The volume of water to be used is normally 200 – 250 litres of water:

Alachlor/Laso + Atrazine (Not suitable for rotations in the coming year because of Atrazine)
S-Metolachlor/Dual magnum/Metolachlor + Atrazine (Same as above for rotations)
N. B Atrazine has a long residual period in the soil of upto 18 months!!
Acetochlor/Relay/Harness + Atrazine (Same as above for rotations)
Alachlor/Laso + MCPA
Alachlor/Laso + Terbutryn/Igran
Alachlor/Laso + Prometryn
S-Metolachlor/Dual magnum + MCPA
S-Metolachlor/Dual magnum + Terbutryn/Igran
S-Metolachlor/Dual magnum + Prometryn
Acetochlor/Relay/Harness + MCPA
Acetochlor/Relay/Harness + Terbutryn/Igran
Acetochlor/Relay/Harness + Prometryn

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