During the time of excessive rains, parasites tend to grow and multiply at a rapid rate due to availability of assimilates in their hosts and conducive environment for breeding. Internal parasites competes for the nutrients in the expense of the animal,feeds on animal tissues and also reduces the surface area for absorption by damaging the micro Villi lining hence reduce growth and meat quality.

Besides using the common effective alternative remedies such as the much popular Albex/Albendazole among other remedies for dosing cattle and sheep, Agricura has Rafazole which is one of the best oral chemical for effective treatment and control of gastro-intestinal and pulmonary nematode infections as well as the control of stomach and bowel internal parasites such as lungworm, roundworms, all species of mature and immature liver flukes.

Dosage: 12,5ml/50kg bodymass in cattle and 2,5ml/10kg bodymass in sheep.

Lets kill them all with one stone by getting rid of them now before they take our productivity into injury level.

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